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Practice Areas

Hoeppner & Associates has the knowlegde and ability to assist you with all your individual, corporate and partnership taxes.  Our services extend beyond the basic tax return and continue on to will and trusts creation, starting a business and filing for a corporation.

Tax Preparation


We are a licensed and insured CPA firm with the ability to prepare, individual, corporate and partnership tax retuns. Among tax returns preparation services,  Mr. Hoeppner can assist you in locating any additional tax benefits that you may not be aware of and tax planning services for the coming years.



We handle basic bookkeeping posting services to full fledge account management services. Depending on your needs we can post your income and expenses to quickbooks or as much as managing bank account, paying bills and posting to your quickbooks account.

IRS Notices


We all have heard there a two sure things in life, death & taxes.  Well no matter how diligent we all try to be with paying our taxes, mistakes do happen, as well as, financial burdens in life that have taken a toll where you may have fallen behind.  Those dreaded IRS letters coming to our doors is always a frightening site. But not to worry, Hoeppner & Associates is able to work with you through the process. Whether you truly owe the money or a mistake has happened on the side of the IRS we can help.

Wills & Trusts


We help with the implementation of your final plans for your family and/or those closest to you when you pass. Death of a loved one is not the time those left behind should be worried about the future of the family home and assets. Planning for the inevitable is the most loving and selfless act you can do for your loved ones at a time like that.



Nevada has remained a business friendly state. The process and low yearly incorporation fees allow for starting a business that is easy and affordable for even the smallest of business ventures.  Nevada has remained steadfast in their belief that bringing new business is important and beneficial to the Nevada economy as a whole.

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